By: The Fogle Law Firm, LLC

Regardless of one’s views on race and ethnicity in America, it does not change the fact that the very identity of the United States is composed of immigrant histories from all over the planet.  If you are not native American then at some point in the family tree your ancestors were not of this land.

Just last week Trump praised Elon Musk for the SpaceX launch of the Falcon Heavy, calling it “American ingenuity at its best.” He tweeted:

Congratulations @ElonMusk and @SpaceX on the successful #FalconHeavy launch,” Trump tweeted. “This achievement, along with @NASA’s commercial and international partners, continues to show American ingenuity at its best!

President Trump apparently forgot that billionaire Musk is a South African immigrant from one of those “sh**hole countries” he said the U.S. did not want any immigrants from. Musk is not just an immigrant innovator but his journey to becoming a U.S citizen stems from his obtaining an H1-B visa after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School with degrees in physics and economics. The H1-B visa is another program the Trump administration has reportedly considered slashing, which serves to award visas to highly skilled workers.

The Fogle Law Firm, LLC, one of the nation’s top boutique immigration law firms lead by arguably one of the best immigration attorneys, Glenn Fogle, has seen first-hand the identity crisis we face in America if Trump has his way and his proposals become law.

“It’s not enough that dreamers remain in limbo with their only saving grace being a federal judge’s injunction, the White House also desires to drastically limit family reunification and eliminate the immigration lottery system,” states Fogle. “What makes this nation great is the fact that it is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants that have come from all over the world and over time have come together and built the most powerful nation on earth.” Fogle passionately speaks when asked about his views of the direction of Trumps immigration policy ideas.

“Our nation’s immigrant makeup does not only speak to our history but also the freedoms we as immigrants have enjoyed here that have impacted the development of some of the greatest minds and businesses the world has ever seen.”  Fogle continues:  “This is the result of our diversified history which has helped shape humanity as we know it today and continues to shape it every day. I am a strong advocate for ensuring our borders and nation is secure, however, I do not see threatening to deport dreamers and limiting reuniting families as a solution for any form of our country’s security.”

As congress continues to debate and vote on a variety of immigration proposals remember to stay educated and informed. If you are an immigrant in need of help, seek reputable counsel to ensure you are aware of all available options you may have in these uncertain times. If you are an American, ask yourself where would you be right now had Trump’s policy made its way into law before your responsible elder brought your family’s legacy to the shores of America.