Separating children from parents seeking asylum is a crisis and the result of a broken immigration system that is constantly being attacked and degraded by the president. The disgusting behavior made possible by Trump’s war on immigration and Congress’ failure to protect dreamers last week devastates the American people and adds to a long list of unmet promises.

One of the many heart wrenching stories comes from Molly Hennessy-Fiske with the Los Angeles Times. She reports on a Brazilian woman and her son who were separated at the border in Texas.

“The Brazilian mother – who asked to be identified only as Jocelyn because she was fleeing domestic violence – entered the U.S. last August with her 14-year-old son, who she said was being threatened by gangs. They hoped to apply for asylum. “

If the experiences of those targeted by these oppressive actions aren’t enough, take it from the Border Patrol officials in El Paso. When asked if they were separating children from their parents, they stated the following:

“Yes, we’re doing family separation,” Corbett recalled, adding that one agent “said it was standard practice locally here in the sector to separate all children 10 years and older from their family.”

Top Los Angeles immigration attorney with The Fogle Law Firm, LLC and passionate immigrant advocate Glenn Fogle weighs in on the agents’ remarks:

“I’m shocked and appalled. Trump and his administration continue to showcase tactics representative of an underdeveloped country. He’s transforming the image that America presents to the world and to America itself.” Glenn said.

Fogle continued on, “I dare Trump, or any one of the politicians who think these tactics are justified, to walk in one of these immigrants’ shoes. I dare anyone of them to start running for their life to find safety for themselves and their child only to feel their child ripped from their arms without explanation. The trauma these families experience is borderline cruel and unusual, and the experience is increasingly traumatic with younger children.”

Glenn is not alone in his feelings regarding the separation of families. Hopefully Congress is taking into account the increasing number of families being separated and the effects they experience as a result. After being subjected to horrible behavior from their country of origin, this separation from their families is the second trauma for many children. Congress must act fast. We cannot allow Trump’s disturbing public behavior to allow us to become a nation that believes in handling democracy in such a horrifying fashion.