Atlanta Immigration Attorney Glenn Fogle sits down with Telemundo AtlantaAtlanta Immigration Attorney Glenn Fogle sits down with Telemundo Atlanta

Following Immigration Judge Dan Trimble’s the most recent rejection of his client, Guatemalan native Wilhen Hill Barrientos’ asylum application, Top Immigration attorney Glenn Fogle has appealed the judge’s ruling and has teamed up with non-profit The Immigration Education Project (I.E.P.) to assist in the efforts to get Wilhen’s case granted.

Telemundo Atlanta journalist Irene Díaz-Bazán quotes in her latest article “Cindy Barrientos is literally desperate because she says that because of an Immigration Judge, her son, Wilhen Hill Barrientos, is still being held in an immigration prison.”  Cindy Barrientos, who has exhausted all of her resources fighting to get her son released since he arrived here 2015 contacted The Fogle Law Firm, LLC, and Glenn Fogle was able to successfully halt Wilhen’s deportation and got the Board of Immigration Appeals to reopen his asylum case and send it back to the Immigration Judge for further consideration.  Fogle has now decided to team up with Alba Cristancho and I.E.P to help continue the legal battle as the strategy moves towards an expensive appeals process.

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